Weight Loss Program

Six weeks to a healthier you!

The Rejuvenate Weight Loss Program is a month-based guided program with supplements and vitamin injections. At bi-weekly appointments, you will weigh in and measured. We take measurements with a tape measure as well as body fat composition to give you a more complete picture of your body and how it is changing with your efforts. At each appointment, you will receive an intramuscular injection of B-complex and the fat burning compound MIC in addition to your ozone sauna session. At your first appointment, you will be provided with a print guide with all of the information regarding the program and supplements to reference.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions on our blog.

*NEW* We have a new offering at Rejuvenate! For those patients who don't particularly care for injections, we are now carrying Be-Thin sublingual spray, combining methylcobalamin with MIC and L-carnitine in an easy-to-use and delicious oral formula! Each bottle contains a month's supply. It is available on its own, added on to our traditional weight loss program, or in a package with 4 MIC injections for your full month's boost! 

Updated February 2019.


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