Vitamin B Injections

Your body doesn’t make vitamin B12, you need to get it through your diet or by supplementation. It’s found mostly in foods of animal origin such as meat, fish, and eggs. Even though only bacteria and archaea can synthesize B12, animals integrate B12 into their tissues via bacterial symbiosis, which is why animal proteins are naturally the richest sources of B12. Fortified foods and supplements are also common sources of the nutrient. Methylcobalamin - the form we use here at Rejuvenate - is a form of B12 that is more readily absorbed than other forms of vitamin B12. Delivered intramuscularly into the gluteus muscle or as an IV push upon request (+$5), vitamin B12 is available in a standard 2ml dose, or in a 1ml dose for those patients who visit us on a more frequent basis for a booster shot. 

We also offer 2 other B vitamin injections: the B-complex vitamins, or the lipotropic injection containing B-complex and the fat burning compound MIC with L-carnitine.

Most patients benefit from weekly injections, though if you are very deficient, more frequent shots may be necessary for you to really feel that boost. 

Discount packages are available - save $5 per shot when purchased in a package of 4. Appointments are not required, but recommended for your own convenience.


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